A new study published last month in the JAMA Internal Medicine  found exercising can eliminate your risk of developing 13 different  kinds of cancer.  Including lung, colon and breast cancer.  Three of  the top four killers. Exercise also packs a wallop against leukemia, myeloma and  cancers of the esophogus, liver, kidney, stomach, endometrium,  rectum, bladder, head and neck. A second study about exercise and cancer focused on the  connection between a high intensity exercise program and cancer.   In this case shrinking tumors.  Published a few months ago, this report found high intensity  exercise reduced tumors in mice by 50%.  Researchers believe it is  from the adrenaline surge that high intensity exercise produces. The adrenaline pushes cancer busting natural killers (or NK)  cells towards the tumors. NK cells are part of your innate immune system.  They also  found that a chemical signal produced by muscles during exercise  called Interleuken 6 (IL-6) help guide NK cells toward the cancer  cells. So... with all this evidence why aren’t you exercising? 
Exercise lately?...
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