Do kids need Chiropractic? Does research support the need for kids to have Chiropractic? I’m not going to directly answer that question for you...because the power comes from your own ability to understand this. But I will expose you to some research information that I think will help doctors, medical professionals, and parents make more informed decisions. A Scottish Medical Doctor named Francis Smith performed MRI studies on the spines of 154 ten-year old kids. He was not even specifically looking for degenerative changes in the spines of these kids. He was looking for kids with spinal stenosis to check for correlating factors. But what he found was that 14 of the 154 (9%) ten-year old spines had spinal degeneration. You read that right…9% of 10 year-olds with spinal degeneration and no symptoms. Compare that with a study published in 2015 showing that 37% of 20 year-olds had spinal degeneration with no symptoms. Fixation is the reason why the majority of spinal degeneration occurs. And one of the components of subluxation is…..fixation. In fact, another study from 2004 evaluated what happens when small sections of vertebrae were purposely fixed together with a specifically engineered fixation device. The same findings were clear…fixation significantly increases the degenerative process. (research references at bottom) What we know through research: *Vertebral fixations create degenerative changes in the joints of that segment *A key component of subluxation is fixation *Kids as young as 10 years old were found to have spinal degeneration without pain *The longer the fixation is present, the worse the degeneration becomes *Spinal adjustive care reduces the degenerative process by increasing movement and reducing fixations I believe that the benefits of increased motion, improved posture, and reduced risk of degeneration are reasons alone that all children and adults be checked by a Chiropractor. I haven't even mentioned the impact of a subluxation on overall body function through it’s influence on the brain and nervous system. Put the nervous system in and the value of Chiropractic continues to skyrocket. Make sure the people in your community know the truth. You are so valuable to your community. I’m here for you…Keep up the great work!
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